A downloadable game for Windows

Play Card Games with Friends Online. Fun and Easy!

Card game including games similar to: Mau-mau, Rummy, War, Solitaire, Bridge, Rentz, Whist.


  • 7 game types
  • 4 different colors themes
  • Story Based
  • Play With Real People
  • Compete For Highscore

Game Modes:

  • Memo. Two player memorizing card game.
  • Melota. Two player skill and luck card game.
  • Muzicando. Four player creativity and planning card game.

Muzicando is a deck of cards that offers a variety of unique card games. They test your memory and skills. The card games are very easy to learn and rewarding to master.


Muzicando.zip 165 MB

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Nice that this works on both ios, android and desktop. All in all pretty cool game, 10/10 would play sitting on the toilet again.

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Did you play on the toilet with your pc near you or on phone tho?